ESG & Responsible Investing

for Stock Exchanges & Regulators

In today’s rapidly changing world, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors present material risks for businesses.

Key stakeholders, including customers and prospective investors, have become increasingly aware of these risks—and the opportunities they offer. Accordingly, the adoption of ESG policies and initiatives by stock exchanges and regulators has become a major global trend.

Our experts can help your organization formulate, adopt and integrate ESG factors into your business activities to attract investment, better manage risk and deliver competitive long-term investment performance.


Proprietary Services
Stock Exchanges & Regulators

A significant amount of academic and investor research shows that ESG issues have a material impact on investments. Investor interest in the sustainability practices of listed companies has grown in recent years, and asset managers and asset owners now acknowledge the integration of ESG matters in financial decision-making as part of their fiduciary duty to investors. Stock exchanges can enhance corporate ESG disclosure and performance. Our team will guide your organization to:

  • Incorporate ESG standards within IPO and ongoing listing rules, and corporate governance codes
  • Develop sustainability indices and other relevant financial instruments
  • Create your own, locally customized, guidance to help issuers meet investors’ need for ESG information.
Our Services
ESG Signatory Services

We can help your organization become a signatory to various ESG-related platforms and principles— and create a framework to comply with, and document, your voluntary and mandatory ESG-related public commitments, including those related to the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE Initiative).

ESG Guidance for Issuers

We help develop and incorporate mandatory ESG disclosure standards (including ‘Comply or Explain’ provisions, where relevant) into initial public offerings (IPOs) and ongoing listing rules. We also help improve your organization’s ESG disclosure and performance by applying ESG standards within IPO and ongoing listing rules and corporate governance codes, as well as by helping develop ESG-related traded products.

Member Firm ESG Compliance Verification

We conduct independent ESG reviews of your issuers or member organizations to verify they are acting in accordance with your organization’s stated investment beliefs and responsible investment policies, as well as applicable responsible investing frameworks, standards and/or principles to which or your organization is a signatory, including the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE Initiative).

We also evaluate whether your issuers have identified material sustainability issues across their business activities and whether they are adhering to applicable Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards and metrics.

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