Enterprise Risk Management

for Asset Managers

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a critical tool for helping organizations achieve their strategic objectives.

ERM involves identifying, measuring, monitoring, reporting, and responding to risks across an enterprise.

ERM is not interchangeable with compliance or internal audit. Organizations that rely on one as a substitute for another do so at their peril. ERM must be aligned with strategy setting and performance goals—within the context of enterprise-wide risk appetite.

Whatever your needs, we will work with you to develop a right-sized ERM program that supports your strategic objectives and organizational capabilities. Our team will help identify and coordinate related activities among various legal, operational, internal audit and compliance functions to leverage existing resources and save you time and money.

Proprietary Services
Private Fund Managers

ERM requirements and implementation techniques are unique to every private fund manager—even those within the same industry or sector. But sometimes there can be a practical disconnect between existing ERM frameworks, such as COSO Enterprise Risk Management –Integrating with Strategy and Performance, ISO 31000 Risk Management and OCEG Red Book 3.0 (GRC Capability Model), and the business activities to which they are applied. While these frameworks may provide clear direction, guidance and a common language, they are oftentimes too broad— or they simply may not apply to your organizational and operational needs.

To bridge this gap, we developed ACTIVUS ERM MANAGER, a proprietary ERM program specifically designed for private fund managers. We have extensive experience in diagnosing and managing risk exposures for small, large and complex funds. Our professionals will identify, develop, operationalize and implement an ERM framework customized to the needs your firm and the unique expectations of your stakeholders.

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