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Diligence lays the foundation for successful investing and should be implemented in all phases of the investment cycle.

To be effective, diligence programs must be relevant, operational, dynamic and practical.

Our experienced professionals provide specific governance, risk and compliance diligence services designed to minimize the risk of loss, maximize risk opportunities and drive stakeholder value—we will:

  • Develop robust, risk-based diligence programs designed to meet regulatory requirements, board oversight responsibilities and strategic business objectives
  • Diagnose existing diligence program activities to ensure they are relevant, cost-effective and aligned with organizational goals
  • Incorporate existing and new regulatory requirements, as well as industry best practices, so that your diligence program meets stakeholder expectations.


Proprietary Services
ACTIVUS Deal Diligence Manager

Diligence is critical to any deal transaction that involves complex processes and timing executions, including IPOs, acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, joint ventures and strategic alliances. But, sometimes other diligence streams take priority over GRC diligence. Delaying GRC diligence, or simply checking-the-box, fails to identify and tackle critical issues during one or more phases of a transaction and may lead to a failed transaction. Our specialists will help you identify and mitigate key governance, risk and compliance issues throughout the transaction using the following process:

We take a disciplined, multi-level approach that provides the following practical support to key stakeholders:

  • Senior Management: Develop and conduct diligence programs that are transparent, scalable and consistent across transactions.
  • Boards: Enable senior management, board directors and trustees to independently evaluate transaction risks, as well as better understand the risk management and execution controls in place to meet the strategic objectives of the transaction.
  • Investors: Assist in developing a best-in-class diligence program that promotes investor confidence in the transaction, while minimizing potential operational and reputational risks that may erode the short- and long-term economic value of the transaction.
  • Regulators: Demonstrate “Tone at the Top” and a strong Culture of Compliance by developing strategies for effectively integrating compliance and ethics programs and related infrastructure after the deal closes.
Other Services
Service Provider Diligence

Your organization’s service providers should have a compliance program that conforms with applicable laws, industry best practices and any contractual obligations imposed by your company. To make sure they do, our professionals will conduct independent diligence reviews to provide assurance that your service providers are fulfilling their legal and contractual obligations while also complying with any company-specific policies and procedures.


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